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About Habitation Group

Habitation Group is a full service consulting firm specializing in residential and commercial real estate projects in collaboration with licensed architects, interior designers, contractors and other professionals in their respective fields.  The design talent and trade resources of the Company result in beautiful projects that respect timelines and budgets.


Our Process

Our firm will take care of your project from the beginning to the end by providing full advising and consulting


Preconstruction Design

We provide architecture advising from the beginning to the end. With the most well prepared and capable architects in South Florida


Design & Construction 

Designing and advising is one of our strong pillars. Our designer team will guid you to the most modern and contemporary designs by working together with the architects our team will make a beautiful home customized for you.  

On-Site Consultations

our architects and designers are very involve on every project since day one. we make sure that averting that your project require is in code and complying with the respective city by flowing step by step our plans and designs 


The Finishing


we are very strict with our final product. The look and quality of work are very importan to us. That is basically our presentation card. we make sure that every detail is taking in count


Our Quality Guarantee

We warrant our work a least for one year.  We make sure that you are complete satisfied with the final product and 

our warranty is part of that satisfaction. We will continue assisting  work for any inconvenient related to our work

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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